I help people define their unique brand with creative and engaging photos that capture their true essence. You focus on being you and I take care of the rest.

Actors, creatives (dancers, game developers, musicians, graphic designers), and any professional who looking for a creative take on headshots.

A fun, relaxed, and safe environment is the key to great photos. I work to remove your stress before, during, and after your session.

I love using my art to help others elevate their careers and better their lives. I celebrate what makes each of us unique. Everyone is welcome in my studio.

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Hey, I'm Chuck, a Headshot and Portrait Photographer based in Los Angeles. I work with actors, creatives, and ANYBODY looking for creative personal branding photos that capture their unique essence.

I’m sick of safe/boring/fake/bullshit photos. We worry about how we are supposed to look, how the world sees us, and we work hard to fit in with the “Norm”. So we hide the real us, put on a fake smile, and present a more “acceptable” version of ourselves. Everybody ends up looking the same and their photos tell us nothing about who they are. What’s the point?

The world really wants to see YOU and I'm here to help. Throw away the rules and the fear and be the fucking star that you are. I want everyone to see the real, authentic YOU. That's what I’m here to help bring out. Not everyone will be into you, which is a great thing. When we stop trying to appeal to everyone, we appeal to those that really get us, and it's fucking magic.

So have fun, take risks, wear what YOU want. Don't fit in. Be Unapologetically YOU. The world can deal with it.

Chuck Russom - He Takes Pictures

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I've shot with Chuck twice now and both times were a blast! I love the photos I got, and it was great to just be able to chat about things while the shoot was happening! I've recommended him to a few friends, and I would definitely still do so!

Chuck was awesome! His pictures portrayed exactly what I asked him for, and he made sure that I was having fun the whole time. We worked super fast and got a ton of looks done. Will definitely recommend him and come back to him in the future

Quinn Halgrimson

Kevin Corte

— Ally Mellas