Let's face it, you need a Headshot. We live in a visual world. And the world wants to see you. But the real you, not some pretend version of yourself. Maybe you're an actor and your current shots just don't capture your vibe, or worse yet, the don't even look like you. If you're not an actor, you're probably using some crappy photo your BFF took of you one night when you were out doing the rounds at the Karaoke bars. These are probably not the best shots to show off how much of a professional you are.

That's all in the past. I'm here for you now. Let's elevate your shots and give you photos to show everyone that you are fucking serious about your career and are ready to rule the world. It's time to get away from the boring Headshots with the fake smiles that look like they came out of a headshot factory. We'll have a blast shooting together and we'll get photos that look awesome, and most importantly, look like you.

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