The photoshoot to cover all your marketing needs. Headshots, Portraits, whatever you need to make your brand stand out, I've got you.

Ditch the boring headshots and let's have some fun. Whether you need headshots for casting, online profiles, or your website, I've got you covered. My studio is all about relaxed vibes and capturing the real you. Say goodbye to the old headshot rulebook and hello to photos that truly represent who you are.

Want to go behind headshots? Let's show the world how badass you really are with some stylish editorial portraits. We'll play with different poses, backgrounds, and lighting setups to give you a variety of shots that showcase your inner rockstar. From close-up headshots to full-body shots, you'll come away with a ton of variety to fill up your marketing kit.

Need both headshots AND portraits? No problem, we'll customize your session to your needs. Together we'll come up with a plan to make the most of your time and get you exactly what you all the shots your need.

Your Session Includes:

  • The most fun photo session you'll ever have!
  • Pre-shoot Creative Consultation (phone or zoom). We'll discuss your session goals, inspiration, style, and plan the creative direction of your photo session.
  • Access to my Pinterest moodboards to inspire and give you ideas
  • All of your awesome high resolution shots delivered in a downloadable photo gallery





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Hair and Makeup is optional and highly recommended for all genders.

Discounts availablefor returning clients and full-time college students. Contact me for info.

Photo Retouching

You're shots will be awesome and ready to use as delivered. Optional retouching is available for clients who would like the final bit of polish that a Photoshop editing pass can add. My retouching is in-line with industry standards and includes blemish cleanup, flyway hair cleanup, and fixing clothing imperfections. Retouches can be order any time after your photo gallery is delivered.

Retouch Pricing:

1-3 Photos - $30 each

4-6 Photos - $25 each
6 + Photos - $20 each

Ja'Nell R.

Mark V.

Ally M.

Kaylee S

"Chuck was so awesome to work with. He made my first headshot session so fun and exciting with great music and chill vibes. His makeup artist Sammy was also very lovely and did a great job making me camera ready. Would definitely book many times again!"

Such an amazing experience. My headshots came out great! Chuck is very welcoming and has a great eye. I look forward to working with him again!

The experience was phenomenal! Excellent space! Super accommodating. Was a really relaxed vibe and Chuck made it super easy to get what I wanted. I loved the setup especially with all the backdrops he has available.

Chuck and his makeup artist were really great to work with! They made me feel comfortable and made the experience an enjoyable one. I love the photos that I got out of my session.


Headshots vs Portraits

Headshots are up-close photos with your face as the star. I keep my camera position fairly consistent and frame my Headshots from just below the chest to the top of the head (give or take). Headshots are the standard photos used for casting and Playbills. Professionals generally use headshots for website profile pics, speaking engagements, book jackets, LinkedIn, etc.

Portraits are where we can get creative. When shooting portraits, I move the camera around to capture different angles and crops (from full body to headshots and anything in between). We'll play with different lighting setups, backgrounds, and poses. The goal is to give you photos with more style, personality, and fun.

What Is A Look

A look is an outfit change and/or a specific vibe that you want to convey in your shots. It's best to bring extra wardrobe options for each look you plan to shoot. Once we start shooting, we might find that an outfit doesn't work as well as you hoped and you'll be able to change it out and try another option.


Retouching is the final Photoshop edit to clean up skin blemishes, flyaway/stray hairs, fix makeup imperfections, even skin tone, and remove imperfections on clothing. My goal is for every photo to be ready to use after I've done my color-correction edit. Some clients prefer to have the last bit of polish that retouching can add to their photos. It's personal preference and retouching is optional and can be purchased any time after your photo gallery is delivered.

Do I Need A Makeup Artist

Working with my professional Hair & Makeup Artists is optional, but highly recommended for all genders. The Artist will get you camera ready and stay during your session for changes and touch ups. They will also be another set of eyes to watch and make sure that everything looks perfect as we shoot. When working with my Makeup Artists, 1 hour is added to the start of your session for them to work their magic.

If you would like a Makeup Artist for your session I will take care of scheduling them for you. They are independent professionals so you will pay them directly at the end of your session.

Clients are more than welcome to do their own hair and makeup. Please arrive camera ready and bring any products and tools you might need for changes and touchups during your session.

What To Wear

I encourage everyone to ignore any "headshot wardrobe rules" you may have heard about. You should have a good understanding of your brand and what you are looking to achieve with your shots. If you are an actor reach out to your reps and ask what they'd like to see in your shots. Bring a few outfits to make them happy and a then a few that make you happy. These are your shots, do them for you, but we always want to keep the reps happy too.

Bring a bunch of options (bring more than you will ever think you'll need), have fun with it, and make sure your clothes fit.

I will share more specific tips with you as we plan your session.


To schedule your session, send me a message using the form on my contact page. I’ll get back to you ASAP with options for session dates.

A deposit and signed session agreement are needed to hold your session appointment. This deposit goes toward the total cost of your session with the remaining balance due at your session. I'll give you full details on deposits and payments when reach out to book.

I understand that things come up so I try to be very flexible when it comes to rescheduling. I just ask that clients respect my time, are honest and we'll figure it out.

I'm Nervous And Awkward In Front Of The Camera

I'll let you in on a little secret; everyone is nervous and worried they will look awkward in their photos. It's my job to help you feel relaxed during your session and look amazing in your shots. Your job is to come well prepared to your session and I'll take care of the rest. I'll give you all the info you need and answer your questions before your session day, so you can leave the stress at home. When you arrive, you'll find a fun and inviting atmosphere. Within minutes you won't remember you're in a photo studio and feel like you're just hanging with friends.

Studio Location

All sessions are at my studio in North Hollywood. The studio is private, has a bathroom and makeup area onsite, and is fully air conditioned. There is plenty of free street parking.

Are You Cool?

I treat everyone equally and with respect. I don't care how you look, where you are from, who you love, or who you voted for. I understand that we must evolve as we move through life and I always strive to be better a person.

I ditched the ego long ago, I'm here to get you the shots you need. Working with me is laid back and fun. I'll go the extra mile to make sure you have the best experience possible. If there is ever a problem, let me know and we'll take care of it.

I have a strict NO ASSHOLES POLICY in my studio. It pains me that I even have to include this on my site, but here we go…

Hate, discrimination, harassment, and other BS is not welcome. Every single person in the studio should feel safe at all times (that includes clients, makeup artists, and even me). I will not tolerate any behavior that makes anyone in the studio feel uncomfortable. I will respond immediately to any issues brought to my attention. Never be afraid to speak up if you feel uncomfortable with anything that happens while you are in the studio.

Every single person on my team (makeup artists, etc) are vetted to ensure they are cool and I trust them 100% to treat everyone amazingly. If they are mistreated, I will defend them like I'm a 10 lb dog chasing after a UPS driver. If you bring hate, harassment, etc with you, then don’t be surprised when you get kicked out the door. Paying client or not, if you bring bullshit in, you'll be out on your ass. And you're not getting a refund.

Love is love. Black Lives Matter. Toxic masculinity needs to fucking die. I support woman’s rights. I support trans rights. I support human rights. And I strongly believe that we need to stop hating people because of race, color, religion, political affiliation, etc. If any of that bothers you, then you’d probably be happier working with another photographer.

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